Session 2_Ethical Dilemma_No Show Consultant

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Session 2_Ethical Dilemma_No Show Consultant

Ethical Dilemma Case Jeffrey Moses was facing one of the toughest decisions of his short career as a manager with International Consulting. Andrew Carpenter, one of his best consultants, was in trouble because of family issues, and his problems were affecting his work. International Consulting designs, installs and implement complex back-office software systems for companies worldwide. About half of consultants including Carpenter, work primarily at home. Carpenter as a consultants is good at his work, knowledgeable, high level of skill and his willingness to travel is hard to find. However, there have been numerous occasions and reports where Carpenter was unprofessional and absent in
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At the point where he has overcome his problems and issues with family, ask him if he is wants to take a short leave of absence to think things out further. Take a vacation, relaxation or even travel out of the country to give him some well deserves rest.

Recommendations: As the manager of Andrew Carpenter, I am responsible and accountable on this case. That’s why I believe that the best decision to do is to let Andrew Carpenter finish the job at the major New York Company but with guidance from his team leader. The following are my course of actions to show my strategic plan for the company and sincerity on employee:

1). I will convince the VP of Operations or Human resources team that I want to give Carpenter a second chance. And give them the valid reasons why I want to keep him. I will let them know how the company needs his skills and talent.
2). Convince the management that it will not be easy to close the project if we replace Carpenter with another consultant. Carpenter knows all the status and updates of the project with the major New York Company, replacing him with another consultant will only lead to more time in closing, complexity in catching up the issues and problems and even familiarizing the project. This could even lead to more financial issues and loss more money. Let Carpenter handle the project and besides the major New York Company wants him to finish the work as they believe in his


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