Smith Design Case Analysis

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Smith Design Case Analysis
LIM College – MBA Program

This paper is an MBA analysis of the Smith Designs case study written by Sylvia M. Asay, Larry Carstenson, and Susan M. Jensen from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The purpose of this paper is to determine problems within the company and to find possible solutions and recommendations. The detailed analysis of this case showcase knowledge of Global Management and Leadership course materials learned thus far.
Smith Design Case Analysis
Introduction and Summary
Owned by Cindy and her husband Greg Smith, Smith Designs is a seemingly successful home-based business, mainly selling crafted headbands to a single account, a department store buyer who supplied
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Also, a pros and cons and/or a cost-benefit analysis of each alternative should be done. These analyses both compare the advantages and disadvantages and the costs and benefits of each alternative; however, the cost-benefit analysis uses math, and personal “intuition and judgment” (p. 108).
After each alternative solution has been thoroughly evaluated, the most rational decision should be clear and selected. Once the decision has been made, a strategy for implementation should be developed, executed and properly managed.
A Bit More About the Planning Process
One problem with Smith Designs is that Cindy doesn’t seem to have clear set goals and objectives; and, with the minimal goals and objectives she may have, she lacks the appropriate strategies to achieve them. Now, if Cindy truly wants to grow her business and pursue greater opportunities for the long-run, she should begin by going through the “strategic planning process”, which entails setting long-term objectives, creating a mission, and developing a strategy to attain those objectives and to “pursue the mission.” Once a real mission has been created and long-term goals have been set, Cindy should then focus on what needs to be done presently to maintain and/or begin to grow her company by setting short-term goals and objectives and a plan to achieve them; this process is called “operational planning” (p. 129).
Thoroughly Analyzing the Situation and Alternatives
In order for Cindy to make the best


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