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Sales Management (Romano Pitesti Case)

A Comparison of the Sales Cultures between Tickford Flexible Products and Samuel Jones Ltd
A sales culture within any organization is defined based on the predetermined strategic objectives. A good sales culture will promote customer-company relationship hence creating brand loyalty effective for business growth. An organization that lacks an effective sales culture will always have increased customer complaints and lower sales performance. A company's sales culture is directed at driving the thinking efforts towards customer success. It calls for the instigation of an effective sales force that would improve the communication and at the same time ensure the company meets its goals and
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In the conversation David details problems being experienced within the organization yet his junior employee is unable to recognize that (Mensah, 2010).
Pitesti shows outright conflict of interest by mixing working time and fulfilling his personal goals. He is unable to plan his time effectively and fails to work on his reports within the required time graphs. David, on the other hand, shows gullibility by accepting Pitesti's views, a sign that he has no factual or documented proof of whatever he says. The actions of David towards Pitesti are a reflection of a person who lacks clear communication structure and channels of receiving information.
The conversation portrays David Courtney's inabilities to deploy his authority. Sales managers maintain their stance and sometimes coerce to enhance and promote organizational growth. Since the employee and the customers are the center point of the organization, the purpose is to create a system that will create a fertile ground towards profit maximization, cost minimization, and market growth. There is a possibility of attainment if all the employees understand the mission and vision of the organization. David's failure to clarify the expectations and organizational policies made it difficult for him to solve the problem caused by one of his employees (Schwartz, 2006).
He failed to apply the necessary abilities, to unravel the intent of Pitesti. It becomes difficult to