Personal Leadership Philosophy

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My Personal Leadership Philosophy

My definition of leadership

My father once told me that, “everything we do— be it in academia, at work, social or family life—we are guided by principles, beliefs and values that collectively form our ideology of life.” I believe that every leader, to a certain extent, is shaped through her individual personal experience. Although in some cases, we may not realize to what extent our personal assumptions and beliefs shape our ability to lead or be led.

In my opinion the term leadership is a very broad and various definitions are given by authors. One definition of leadership is that it is “ the process of developing and communicating a vision for the future, motivating people and gaining their
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Taking up a leadership role requires courage and strength of character. I strongly believe that a courageous leader is one who is willing to take calculated risks, which is extremely important in the media industry that is dynamic and constantly changing. The emergence of new media and technologies has had an enormous impact on the media industry, and therefore it is necessary to have forward thinking leaders who are not opposed to change. Leaders who are resistant to change are detrimental to any organization.

Courage in leadership is also the strength to make decisions that may not be particularly popular with those being led by you. A good leader is one who understands people, and realizes that decisions need to be made not according to popularity but based on following the path to achieving the intended goals. Here the leaders’ main task is to convince people of the appropriateness of the decisions taken.

Courage, I feel is also the ability of a good leader to offer constructive criticism and the ability to receive criticism while searching for effective solutions.

Hard work and dedication

I think that an effective leader is one who can not only lead but demonstrates through hard work and dedication, the vision of the organisation. This in my opinion motivates those who are being led and sets the pace for the tasks at hand. I believe that a leader should show commitment to the


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