Leadership and Power

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1. What role have referent power and expert power played in leadership at Intel? Which Intel CEOs seen to have inclined toward job-countered leader behavior? Toward employee-centered leader behavior? Toward initiation-structure behavior? Toward consideration behavior?
Referent power comes from being trusted and respected. It based on identification, imitation, loyalty, or charisma. (Griffin, 549) Expert power comes from one’s experiences, skills or knowledge. (Griffin, 549) Both powers played big role in Intel’s leadership. For me, Noyce had high reference power. As book mentioned “Noyce was loyal and charismatic risk taker”. People respected him for his personality and ability to know “when his people new what they were doing”.
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However, each of the CEOs used one style more often than the other. For me, it looks like
3. Intel appears to rely heavily on mentoring and long-term leadership development from within. In you opinion, what are pros and cons of such an approach? Intel also seems to have thrived on a pattern of alternating leadership styles. What ate the pros and cons of this approach?
All Intel’s CEOs were “homegrown” (except Noyec who was a founder on Intel). Another words, Intel rely heavily on mentoring its new CEO’s. I think it is very good approach and work perfectly for the Intel itself. There are many pros of “inside” approach of developing a leader.
First at all, recruiting the CEO from the inside ensures their loyalty to the company. They know a lot about the company, and know what kind of strategy will work for the company and which one will not. It can help the leader to make the most suitable decisions for the company and make sure that company’s development will grow. Second, it can save a lot of time on building a trustworthy relationship between the leader and his subordinates. It is important for new CEO to establish trustful relationship between both employees and managers. People within a company already know their new CEO because they all work with him for a long time. They know what kind of person he is and what to expect from him, so it will be much easier for them to build up trusting relationship with new CEO. Another pros of


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