Law/421 Final

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LAW/421 Final Exam – 2013

1) Which of the following does not result in a decision rendered by the hearing officer?
B. Mediation

2) Jurisprudence is defined as
C. the science and philosophy of law

3) The state of Kansas has enacted a new law requiring all commercial trucks driving on Kansas roads to have special mud flaps installed. These mud flaps have been proven to make driving in the rain significantly safer due to reduced mist created by trucks driving in the rain, although data regarding accidents and injuries has not yet been determined. Any truck entering Kansas must have these flaps installed or will be subject to a significant fine and delay. The cost for purchase and installation of these flaps is
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judicial input of any terms necessary to maintain fairness

22) Two merchant companies have entered into a contract for the sale of goods but have had no prior dealings, which would establish a course of conduct between them. The UCC will allow gap fillers to apply to their contract regarding missing terms in each of the following situations EXCEPT
C. they have failed to specify the quality or grade of the goods to be delivered

23) When a buyer rejects nonconforming goods and purchases the appropriate goods from a different seller, this is an example of which of the following:
A. Cover

24) Which of these is not a requirement for disclaiming a warranty?
C. Explaining why the warranty is being disclaimed

25) "What if everyone took these same actions" is a question sometimes called the
A. universalization approach

26) The utilitarian approach to moral philosophy was founded by
A. Jeremy Bentham

27) Stan is an investment manager. He has received money from various investors with a promise of very high returns on their investments. The invested money is not supplying enough capital in order to pay the returns promised, so he has started using new investor's money to pay older investors. By advertising and by word of mouth, people are anxious to invest with Stan because of the money being paid, and with the influx of new investors, he is able to continue operating. Stan is

D. operating a Ponzi scheme

28) Ben is the manager of


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