Bus 421 Final

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BUS 421 Final: Case Scenario #1

Thomas Edison State College

October 2012

Emily Schemelia

Executive Summary
Case Scenario # 1
Given the increasing regulations of the Internet and email by the Government of China, recommend to the CEO of Google whether the company should continue to operate in China, the world’s fastest and among the largest growth markets.
Google should definitely continue operations in China, even if it means limiting the amount of information that is disseminated to Google China. While filtering information is the opposite of everything Google stands for, Google can still disseminate information to the Chinese public while abiding by the information laws set up by the
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Challenges of Working in China: Like any other country, there are some challenges associated when doing business in China. An organization intending on conducting business in China should consider various important things prior to moving forward in actually doing business. If they do not consider certain things, then the company may be lead into trouble, which can endanger the companies investments. One major challenge in doing business in China is the difference in culture. Most Chinese people do not speak English, and the few that do have a very unique accent. Because of this, Google needs to be able to respect and try to hire employees who are familiar in this accent so that they will be able to communicate with people domestically. Another challenge in relation to conducting business in China is intense competition from domestic companies. In addition to this, a company should perform their activities in a manner that attracts the acceptance of its products by the customers in the domestic market. Based on when was mentioned above, it can be said that there is a definite case of certain challenges for foreign companies like Google in China. If success has to be achieved, then Google need to work against these challenges in a proper manner so that Google can stay in China and wont be put in jeopardy.

Decision to Continue Working in China: Putting all these factors


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