Justin Martyr

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Justin martyr.

Summarise your Knowledge and understanding of the life and work of Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr was the greatest apology in the second century from Palestine, he spent a lot of his time searching for the truth, and this is why he passed through many philosophical schools.

Justin finally came to rest when he thought he had found the truth with Plato's religion, this was because of its mystical side.

Justin then met an old man on the sea shore who told him about the prophets of the Old Testament which foretold the coming of Christ; this made the religion have antiquity with its ancient roots. Justin converted and he had to abandon his philosophical inquires and all he had learnt in Platonism, Justin regarded
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Justin's apologies were set to defend the church and show people Christianity was not what the pagans thought it was. In Justin's trypho he states that Christianity and Christ were predicted in the Jewish religion and also that Christianity is the true Israel.

The dialogue of the trypho is very long piece of work consisting of 142 chapters, written approximately around AD160.

The dialogue of the trypho is a debate; it is a very courteous debate. The dialogue of the trypho is a very important as from it we learn and understand the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

Justin's dialogue with trypho consisted of many topics, philosophy was 1 of them " Philosophy is, in fact , the greatest possession, and most honourable be fore god"

The dialogue with trypho also covers Jewish customs "the lord our god does not take pleasure in such observances"

Justin's first apology therefore aimed to clear away prejudice and misunderstanding about Christianity. He claimed that the popular charges that that Christians were atheists and immoral were unfounded, and he argued that Christians beliefs and practices actually reflect a higher reason and morality.

The second apology is a good example that you can be charged for being a christian!

Relations between Christians and Jews didn't always manifest a friendly spirit, the dialogue with trypho is significant because in it we see Justin defending


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