Justin Martyr

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The greatest Christian Apologist and martyr, in the turn of the second century, who stood firm in defending the belief of Christianity, was the great philosopher and early Christian apologist and martyr - Justin Martyr. Justin Martyr (100-165CE), was born in Samaria, near Jacob’s well, around turn of the century in modern day Palestine. Justin was a Gentile and well educated, who has traveled extensively in search for the life’s meaning in the philosophies of his day.
In Justin’s child hood, his parents provided good education in rhetoric, poetry, and history. His study’s in various school started from Alexandria and Ephesus, began with the Stoics, Ari/sto/tel/ians, Py/tha/gor/eans, and Plat/on/ists, “earnestly longing
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Justin also compares and contrast of being called atheisms with Christians willing to lay down their life to respect to the most true God. Justin also gives example of demons misrepresent Christian doctrine, to deceive the pagan to misunderstand that Christians say about the salvation.
In addition, Justin’s most important work behind the first apology deal directly in teaching of the logos in the form of Christ, in fact, a Christian. (1 Apology, Ch. 46). In the following century, Logos will be used to create the book of Nicene Creed.
My understanding and example of the logo from both the Jews and Christian view point is that the Word was God, Word is God and the Word was with God. Both the Jew and Christians accept the Wisdom of God and the present of the Word was with God. But, Justin adds one more piece to this understanding that evidently separates Christians with the Jews. The passage of Genesis 1 will be discuss later to show you the debate of Trypho and Justine in regard to the mater of Logos.
Justin’s main point might be to stop the process of false accusation, and stop the unjustly hatred and wantonly abuse of the Christians. But, it is always a way to teach them the truth and have them honor the life of a Christian, so that they might also accept and become Christians. If they do not accept the petitions and the explanations to the madness of condemnation, then stop the decree of death against those who have done no wrong.


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