It 210 Week 9 (Final Project)

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Final Project
Leroy Six
Robert Estey

Final Project

Application-Level Requirements List
1. The program will present a series of user screens that prompts the user for specified input.
2. The main user screen will have an application title.
3. The main user screen should have a short description saying how to use the program.
4. The calculation should be executed only after all the valid input values are provided.
5. The program shall allow the user to clear all the input fields and do the calculations over.
Input | Process | Output | Currency TypeCurrency AmountExchange Rate | Get User Input | Currency typeCurrency AmountExchange Rate | Currency Type | Choose correct type |
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“Invalid Amount, please try again.”
Call Canadian Module Else US Dollar = Currency Amount * 6.2561 Call Output Module
End French Module

Exit Module
Declare Quit Program as string

Write “Are you sure you want to Quit? Y/N” Input Quit Program
If Quit Program = “N”
Then Call Input Module Else
If Quit Program = “Y”
Then End
End Exit Module

Output Module
Declare Currency Amount as real
Declare Nationality as string
Declare US Dollar as real Write, “The value of the foreign