A Thousand Acres Dialectical Journal

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Simmy Shah

Quotes | Commentary | “When I think of them now, I think of how they probably seen nearly as little world as I had by that time” (5). | This quote displays the importance of the first person point of view in this novel. The unique perspective from Ginny not only allows the reader to view the events from her own angle, but it also allows the readers to understand her personality. In addition, this quote describes the tragedy of the farmer’s life: no new possibilities of adventure or travel. This foretells the possible challenges that occur between generations because the elders do not have an open mind. | “My father’s pride, always touchy, had been injured to the quick” (21). | This first description of Larry Cook
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| “Harold talked of himself often, and always as if he were almost but not quite two people-the one who had a lot of “great ideas” (Harold put the quotes around the words himself, every time he spoke of them) and the dubious one, too, the one who knew none of these ideas would ever pan out” (107). | This description of Harold Clark allows the readers to understand his personality and why almost everyone in Cabot calls him “crazy and strange”. In addition, this passage also demonstrates a technique of Jane Smiley’s style, using parentheses. The additional details enclosed in the parentheses give more information to the readers of the events or characters and of Ginny’s personality. | “`Trying to evoke the romance of it all’” (124). | This illuminates an erotic atmosphere that is not as conspicuous and also foretells a possible advancement in the relationship between Ginny and Jess. | “`I wish you [Mrs. Ericson] would take me with you’” (136). | This is another representation of Ginny’s desires to escape her ordinary, oppressive farm life. | “I saw Jess through the windows, picking things up. He looked perfectly at home” (142). | Ginny’s description of Jess seems that she wishes for him to actually be her husband, the one actually living in the house and the one who should actually be picking things up around the house. | “Of course it was silly to talk about