‘Conflict is more often driven by self-interest than genuine sense of right and wrong.’ The Quiet American

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‘Conflict is more often driven by self-interest than genuine sense of right and wrong.’ “Show me a man who has no interest in his own good, and I'll show you a man who is not in touch with his own humanity." R. Alan Woods. Conflict can be driven by any emotion whether it be greed, love, hate or lust, after all conflict occurs merely when an individual feels something strong enough that they will not quell before opposition in violation of this emotion, because of this assessing the most frequent motive behind conflict could be investigated by asking the question; What emotion is the strongest and most frequent in humans? Doubtless, the answer to this question is relative to its target, a cynic might declare hate, a romantic love, a …show more content…
Instead these people are revered for their courage, having books written and movies wrote about them, while these people likely deserve such images and their actions are evidence of either an increased emotional sensitivity or little direct self-interest it reflects very poorly on the rest of the populations courage and willingness to stand up for what they believe in.
Behind every action is an corresponding emotion , meaning the intent of every action is to fulfil our emotion, not to respond to some moral code or the unfairness of life or the cruelty of another, acting on our emotions is in fact an almost entirely self-orientated activity .”People love others not for who they are but for how they make them feel” said Irwin Federman. When a man acts to shelter a child it is not the fact that the child is in harm’s way that drives him into sheltering the child, but the emotion that the man feels upon sight of an exposed child, in this way in order to commit actions without a self-driven motive a person needs themselves to either have no emotion or no emotional fulfilment, however exceptions to this could possibly be shown by the actions of individuals such as Hugh Thompson Jr, who risked his life for the sake of others’ lives through his actions in the Vietnam war, namely intercepting his own


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