To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 9-15 Questions

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Chapter 9:
1. a) Atticus says it's a word common people use. It just makes people feel bad and forbids his children from saying it.
He said he wouldn't be able to hold his head up in town. Also, he does it to show his children a good example. Lastly, he stuck to his conscience and stood up against the entire town.
c) It's about courage, in relevance to his taking of the case.
Scout was using vulgarities. Atticus was saying this to Uncle Jack; that she'd grow out of it soon.
He’s explaining to Jack that children will always ask questions to things they don’t understand and should always answer them.
Atticus was talking about Scout; that she may not do what's best all the time but she tries. Atticus doesn't understand the behaviour
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3.The church does not have any hymn-books, rather they have a music superintendent who leads them into the songs. As the leader says one line, the entire church will repeat it in a chorus.

4.Cal is only being honest because she does not want others to feel as if she is patronizing them. If she talks the way she does around white people, they might make her feel as if she wants to be seen more superior to them.

Chapter 13:
1.Both are equally at fault for not being able to communicate well with each other. Neither of them have ever tried to be in the other’s shoes so with that, they cannot understand why the other feels the way they feel.

2. a) Atticus describes him as "having gone round the bed at the University." He told Jem that Joshua had actually tried to shoot the president of the college. He had indicated that the man was a sewer inspector and had tried to shoot him with an old pistol. However, the pistol had blown up in Joshua's hand instead. The family had had to pay five hundred dollars to get the man out of trouble.
b) Joshua Finch according to Aunt Alexandra was a fine man. Jem is quite surprised because he knew the man had been locked up. Aunt Alexandra likes to give the family heritage a boost.
The difference is that Aunt Alexandra likes to tell the good about Joshua and Atticus explains the truth, that he wasn’t really a man to