Is Climate Change Natural or Man-Made?

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Is Climate Change Natural or Man-made? Introduction
The planet has been experiencing considerable climate change for the last several decades. There have been many explanations toward the main causes of the increased warming of the planet. On one hand are the environmentalists who believe that the major cause of this increased warming of the planet is the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere induced by human activities. On the other hand, the scientists believe that there are natural causes of global climate change. While the supporters of the man-made theory of global climate change reason that the major greenhouse gas causing global warming is carbon dioxide, the advocates of natural causes
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This is clear since the increased climate change accelerated during the time of industrial revolution as there was increased demand for energy. In addition, this phenomenon accelerated due to overpopulation of many communities in Africa, hence the reality of deforestation.
Natural explanation of climate change
Although there is substantial evidence to support the man-made theory of climate change, some scientists maintain that the effect of greenhouse gases cannot cause climate change. They assert that there is a limited possibility for extra quantities of greenhouse gases to augment to the greenhouse effect. This is because greenhouse gases soak up infrared rays only in the wavelength bands that cause them to reverberate. Consequently, there is a reduction in the amount left for absorption by extra gas as the radiation in a precise wavelength band consumes. This implies that the effect on the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide releases is not directly proportional to the quantity of the added gas (Heymer, 3).
Adam indicates that at least 70-80% of the increased warming effect of the earth accrues from water vapor and clouds and that the amount of heat trapped by carbon dioxide is just 10-20% of the world’s heat. Science has it that high altitude cirrus clouds and sunspots are the other causes to climate change.


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