How Did World War One Change American Society?

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In 1917 America entered World War one. By doing this America played a grave role in conquering Germany and ushering peace to Europe. However, the Great War also meant that the US would change dramatically through historical issues and changes which resulted in American society. Industries had started to realise that it was not as simple as it was before to abstract the immigrants. As the country developed and became more successful it attracted outsiders who were searching for chances. During the 1920¡¯s the United States began to confine immigrants due to cultural and economical purposes. The immigrants faced several afflictions such as: racism and religious oppression. The examination of immigration expressed an important
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For all these groups there was an obstacle of adjusting into the society and environment. In the 1920¡¯s the racial pressure in the society started to attain a blistering mark.
Both Americans and protestants were trying to connect alcohol to the Irish, Italian, and Catholic immigrants. They thought that these immigrants had introduced alcohol and other habits which they felt changed and threatened their society. Racism was expressed in several ways such as through the media, literature and worst of all through groups against them such as the KKK. During the 1920¡¯s it is shown that prejudice was an available through racism, and hate towards other ethnic groups. However was not America supposed to be the ¡°land of opportunity¡± where anyone should be welcome? There was a group called ¡°Immigration Restriction League¡± who stated that they had ¡°scientific evidence¡± meaning that the immigrants were inferior and a threat to America. They had extreme faith in that religions such as Catholics and Jews were over-crowding America.
Racism started to develop throughout America and several people started forming groups. The clearest example of this is the KKK who assumed to guard the protestants from aliens. Their goal was to ¡°clean America¡± by doing so things went violently such as threats, beating, abusing and even murdering to achieve their goal.
An author who started to become popular was Madison Grant


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