Billions of Years vs. Thousands of Years

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The earth is known to be old, but what is the truth of how old is the earth. There is scientific evidence of how old it is, some would say it’s Billions of years and some would say Thousands of years old. There is a lot of factors like rocks layers, plants, animals, sun, moon and many more facts that can predict how many years has the earth been around. But to find the truth if it’s a Billions of years or Thousands of years we would have to compare the two and even look into scientist discovering facts. Or do we go off the what God has created and the Bibles authors? When we read about how or what makes the earth Billions of years? There was a Geologic time scale that was invented in 1800’s. Within this invention, this scale …show more content…

The old earth is based on real physical time, science and space which are hard believable evidence. There are a few things we can believe agree on, like dinosaurs where once in this planet. The Earth has a lot of history in how it got created or who created it. But we can agree that the earth was not made by mistake or scientists. Even with the latest scales ref there are can be so many untold comparison’s between both theroys. Looking at the scales they are very fondly to understand as long as one know the meaning of every block or unit it’s talking about. I belive it’s as hard as reding the bible or undertanding. My personal opinoin is to belive anything that can be touched or see in front of you. But, I can believe in the word of God and how he created this earth. All this comes down to personal beleves, and spritral belives. We get all round up on the past and in units or numbers, when we should be thinking of the present and the perpose of why God but us in this


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