BSBINT405B Apply Knowledge Assessment V2

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Assessment Materials
BSBINT405B Apply knowledge of import and export for international conventions, laws and finance

To achieve competency in this unit you must complete the following assessment items. All tasks must be submitted together. Tick the boxes to show that each task is attached.

Task 1. Theory Exam ☐

NOTE: If this is a group assignment, each member of your group must individually submit a separate and complete copy.

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Filippo Alexander Juhas Arienti de Paula
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Q7. If you started a new job in international trade, and there were tasks as part of the job you were not sure about, give three examples of how would you identify the gaps in your skill and knowledge? (1.2, RS1)

1-Do a skills-gap audit with help from supervisor; 2- Analyze company policies and procedures then compare against current skills; 3- Discuss with HUMAN RESOURCES manager.

Q8. Once you identified the gaps, give three examples of how would you proactively do something about it? (1.3, 2.1, RS1)

1. If the mentor is not available, contact the previous employee in that role to get what is required.
2. Networking.
3. Taking Extra courses and extra reading.

Q9. After you complete this course, give five examples of how you could plan to keep yourself up-to-date with changes in international conventions/laws? (1.3, RS2)

1. Networking Groups.
2. Attending Seminars.
3. Attending TRAININGS.
4. Reading.
5. Keep Researching.

Q10. List 5 places you can access either online or physically that can provide you with further information on importing and exporting and some international conventions and laws (2.4)

1. Austrade website.
2. Australian Bureau of Statistics Website.
3. Customs website.
4. CBFCA - Custom Brokers & Fowarders Council of Australia Inc website.
5. GLOBAL TRADE Natworks.

Q11. If you were preparing a report for the import or export of a cargo from Australia, briefly describe what five important items in that report you would review and