International Surrogacy

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International Surrogacy (cons)
Thesis Statement In today’s society, surrogacy is becoming a more and more popular and common issue. For many couples who cannot or unwilling to carry babies by themselves, surrogacy is the first choice to have their own babies and build a family. The legality of surrogacy is different for every country. There are countries that consider the birth mother as the legal mother while there are those that don't. Besides, a lower price of surrogacy in developing countries drives them to find surrogate mother overseas. Thus, international
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According to article “High Court judge approved commercial surrogacy”; “A British couples went to Ukraine and found a woman willing to become a surrogate mother.” Under the law in Ukraine, the baby’s parents are the British couple. However, under the law in England and Wales, the Ukrainian woman and her husband are the parents. Due to the two conflicting legal systems, the baby became stateless and parentless. It is hard to try to get the baby through immigration into Britain. There are many people who believe international surrogacy is immoral is not a viable option. Some people think it is beneficial to those who cannot have their own baby. Much of them regard it as a win-win for surrogacy. They say it is benefited for both sides. In addition, for those people who support international surrogacy believe that to seek a relatively lower payment for surrogacy is understandable.
The Straw Man
Some people think surrogacy is a win-win and it is beneficial for both surrogacy couple and surrogate mother. They believe women can get a relatively large amount of money by being a surrogate mother, and those couples can have their own baby and save money at the same time. Why can’t they do that? But I have a different opinion. From research, in some developing countries, some women have seen surrogacy as a quick way to earn money. “Critics call places like these “baby factories,”


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