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Question 1
A company which wishes to attract highly skilled employees would tend to follow which pay policy?




Unweighted means
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Question 2
Joe is a mechanic and has a compa-ratio of 0.90. This means that his pay:

2. Answer

Is 10% above the intended pay policy

Is 90% of minimum

Is 90% of maximum

Is 90% of midpoint
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Question 3
This occurs when the pay range of a lower level position overlaps a higher level position too much 2. Answer

Fruit basket upset


A lag pay policy

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Question 4
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If a company wants to reward performance but wants to keep payroll costs down in the long run, which of the following would they provide?

2. Answer


Merit increases

Variable pay

Lump sum bonuses
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Question 24
The HMO health insurance options is the most non-restrictive in where the patient can get treatment.

2. Answer True False
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Question 25
Recency error occurs when a supervisor weighs too heavily the performance at the end of the review period.

2. Answer True False
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Question 26
What does pinpointing do?

2. Answer

Identifies the results the employee's performance will be judged by

Sets up positive reinforcement (R+)

Targets the performance goals

It breaks down a set of behaviors into individual behaviors
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Question 27
Forced-rank distribution appraisal methods (also known as rank and yank) has which of the following advantages?

2. Answer

Has strong long-term benefits

Overcomes the problems of inflated ratings and poor appraisal processes

It promotes team work

All of the above
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Question 28
How is bowling blindfolded similar to poor performance management?

2. Answer

Both include negative


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