If You Forget Me

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Analysis for “If You Forget Me”
As a world renowned poem, “If You Forget Me”, which was written by Pablo Neruda, can be considered as the benchmark in literary circles, not only because of its excellent use of language, but also a variety of literary devices that are included.

The most obvious device that is used in this poem is metaphor. Although it seems to be as a love poem for author’s beloved, it can also be considered a kind of love that the author devotes to his homeland. As the background of this poem that I have researched, “If You Forget Me” was written during the era of political unrest in Chile, and Pablo Neruda had to exile to foreign countries. However, Neruda never forgot his homeland where he still wanted to contribute
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This love is the real love. Other kinds of love can never be compared with the greatest love in the world, because the author can still love his country deeply, although the consequence for him to be exiled may not be fair

Meanwhile, this poem conveys a kind of value to the readers that the author wants to express. Like he says in the poem, “If suddenly you forget me, Do not look for me, For I shall already have forgotten you.” As has been noted, because of some political reasons, Neruda was exiled by his home country which he loved deeply. That feeling, which means be betrayed and given up, hurt Neruda a lot. He loved his country, without doubt, but he detested those leaders who did not really care about the prosperity and development, and ignored those who truly loved their motherland with deep awareness of the nation’s interests like him. Thus, Neruda expressed this thought that if his home country can not be able to be led to a right way again, he would not give a helping hand any more, because he thought it was not worth contributing for such this hopeless country. However, Neruda turned his tone at the end of this poem, “Up to your lips to seek me. Ah my love, ah my own, in me all that fire is repeated.” At the bottom of his heart, he still could not give up his motherland. Once Neruda


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