The Movie 3 Idiots

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3 idiots
At first, I felt that I would not like the movie because it has a different language. But as the scene pass by I became interested in watching because the first few scenes were funny. Then the movie caught my attention and I started to focus on watching.
The movie “3 idiots” has many lessons in it about hope, friendship, studies, family, and the goodness of life. It has a great message to the audience. The movie tells the viewers to think positive always, its famous dialogue is ‘all is well’. It means that one should not fear their problems instead face your problems with confidence because every problem has a reason and that reason has a good outcome.
The movie brought a message that a student should choose a course which they
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Fake Rancho was a gardener’s son who wants to study but their family does not have enough income to send him to school. Fake Rancho agreed to earn a college degree for the real Rancho by acting secretly as him, in return real Rancho will provide him tuition fees and everything he needs as long as he gives him a good educational background. This gives message to the audience that if you are enrolled in a school, you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to learn so do not take that for granted. There are many children who want to learn but they don’t have enough money to pay their tuition fees. Each of us should give importance in everything we have. Your problem may be just little compare to other people’s problem.
The movie gives the viewers an idea of how friendship really works and what friendship is all about. There was a part there where I got teary eyes; it was the part when Rancho brought Ranju’s father to the hospital by using a motorcycle and when Ranju arrived in the hospital he got mad to Rancho for doing that. Then Ranju heard the doctor said that his father could have died if he was brought to the hospital a minute late. After hearing that, Ranju turned back to Rancho and hugged Rancho and saying thank you to him.
In the movie, there are many scenes about friendship and there are many lessons that the audience can get from it. Friends help each other when one is in need. Misunderstanding and conflicts happen to


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