Ic02 Causes and Spread of Infection

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Causes and spread of infection

The difference between bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are: Viruses are coated genetic material that invade cells and use the cell's apparatus for reproduction.

Bacteria are single celled organisms. Some classify them as a separate (fourth) kingdom on the tree of life.

Fungi are multi-celled organisms that form a third Kingdom of life, along with the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom.

Parasites are plants or animals that derive benefit from the metabolism of other plants or animals at the expense of the host and without providing some benefit to the host in return.

Common illness and infection caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are:
Bacteria: Food poisoning,
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4. Up the urinary and reproductive systems. The infectious agent may remain localized or may enter the blood stream. Sexually transmitted diseases most commonly infect the genitals. HIV, the AIDS virus, is carried in bodily fluids and can be transmitted in saliva, seminal fluid, or blood.
Common sources of infection are through air, such as people sneezing and coughing spreading airborne germs, these can also be picked up from surfaces and clothing. Fluids can also be a way of carrying infection from person to person this can be done during sexual activity which is the most common. Open cuts and grazes can be an easy way in for infections.
Infective agents can be transmitted to a person by many means, airborne and inhalation into the body, they can also through cuts and open wounds, some can penetrate through the skin, not washing your hands after going to the toilet and any sexual act that fluids are exchanged. Using dirty needles when injecting (drug user /diabetic), if you eat food that is infected this will get into the system, or cutting yourself on unclean and unsterile items ie: standing on a rusty nail.
The key factors that will make it more likely that infection will occur, if the person is run down and their immune system is low. Poor hygiene can lead to infection, not keeping all parts of the body clean, any cuts or sores, if these are not treated or dressings are not changed


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