Humans: How We Are Destroying the World Around Us

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Dave Hennesey
Mr. Gregg
AP Chemistry
2 February 2005
Humans: How We Are Destroying the World Around Us This generation and also future ones will suffer because of this, and us humans are mostly to blame. What are humans responsible for? We are responsible for endangering the nature and health of our ecosystems. One way we damage our ecosystem is by polluting the environment. Everyday millions of people use automobiles, trains, and airplanes to travel. This begs the question- how is this affecting the ecosystem? Pollution affects the ecosystem in many ways. One being oxides of nitrogen causes such things as acid rain, which reduces the pH value of soil. Another way is soil can become infertile for plants. In result of this
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Driving vehicles produces carbon dioxide into the earth's atmosphere. The other alternatives would be to walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation. Another way is just a quick screwing of a light bulb. Changing incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to power them, which saves energy. One last high-quality method of reducing effects of global warming would be planting trees. Since trees absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide, this makes them crucial for producing oxygen for us to breathe and also reducing energy. Using up all of our natural resources is also fueling our damage on the ecosystem. We overuse oil for many things including: automobiles, airplanes, heating in homes, and space shuttles. We also clear land for numerous reasons. One is for timber that can be used to build public and private buildings. This takes away the habitats of the thousands of species of insects, animals, and plants. Also, the clearing of some of the rainforest for logging companies affects the ecosystem because, for instance, it leaves the soil exposed to erosion and leaching. As a result of this, the climate will become drier due to the loss of vegetation, which holds in moisture. < > Humans also have a great affect on damaging the coral reef ecosystems. Three primary ways of how we affect this is direct, indirect, and


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