Unfair America: Mentally Ill Inmates

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Junis Citozi
Composition II Unfair America: Mentally Ill Inmates Individuals suffering from mental illnesses tend to fall victim to the criminal justice system due to their uncontrollable actions that result from their mental illness symptoms. Within the United States two to three hundred thousand people in prison suffer from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, severe depression, and bipolar disorder. Sadly, the majority of prisons are deficient in providing the appropriate resources to treat these individuals; people with mental illnesses are too frequently socially mistreated, neglected, and misunderstood within the confines of a prison. Prisons are deficient in correctional staff trained to suit mentally ill inmates, in
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Reform is clearly necessary in the US when dealing with the mentally ill in prisons. In order to make evident changes, proper reforms should be passed in regards to how the criminal justice system views mentally ill individuals. Currently pending in congress is the Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act (Abramsky 9). This act will significantly change the way the criminal justice system views the offenses done by mentally ill citizens, it will account for their disability in punishing or helping them. The act will provide funding to communities to establish diversion programs such as mental health courts and jail diversion for mentally disabled offenders. It will create discharge programs for those who have completed their jail sentences, to easier transition into society. This act, in association with the department of health and human services, will also fund payments for mental health treatments, temporary housing, and training, educating, and administrating programs for the mentally ill. In addition to the passing of this act, the repeal of the Prison Litigation Reform Act will benefit mentally ill inmates. This act prevents inmates from speaking out against unconstitutional conditions in prisons. With this Act repealed, we can ensure that prisoners are in confined