Human Genetic Engineering

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Human Genetic Engineering

Human Genetic Engineering is the alteration of genetic material. As science is improving as so does our need to make the world a “better” place. Technological advancements have let us cloned many animals but the next step you say? The next step is human engineering, as humans of perfection; we are always trying to find ways to make things better than others. They are able to manipulate the human genome and to cure the world of diseases. Scientists are able to make the perfect humans, stronger, faster, smarter, and no deformity. As humans should react, many problems rise up about “what being human really means?” Science is moving faster than moral understanding. Values, morals, and our humanity are thrown at
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1) Humans are always going to want to be better than the one that is standing next them, it is the little voice in our heads that tells us, ”Hey, the guy standing next to you is stronger, faster, and even better looking than you” and what do humans do? They go find a way to become better than that person and ultimately they achieve their goal or they just become of those “lame” people we don’t want to associate with. If everyone starts to become perfect and there are others who don’t fall into this perfectionism, a clash over the “perfect” ones and the non-perfect ones. Social inequality would be the main outcome, where the “perfect” ones will think, they are much better than the ones who don’t look just like them and have “deformities”. We all know where this will lead to.
The biggest concern with human engineering is what will become of our morals, values, and norms. How humans believe that what was given to us, we should cherish it, embrace it, accept it, and work with what you have to Celebrate nature and don’t try to control everything. Everything in life has a purpose, and others see it as something that humans can fix and make it “better”. No one person is alike and what makes us unique is how we are made, not by what is inserted in us to make us different than others. “In a world without givens, a world controlled by bioengineering, we would dictate our nature, as well as our practices and norms.” (Sandel, para.11). Everything that we know and see about how


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