Bill Gates

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Bill Gates

We read books for a number of reasons but usually because we want

to or we have to. When you pick up a book it falls into one of three types, dependent on whether it is a want to or a have to type of book. First there's the kind of book you pick up and like the look of but then the first chapter is so bad that you have to put it down because you are either too confused by the plot or you discover it has been written in some obscure untranslatable language.

The second type is where the first chapter is slightly disappointing but it is worth pursuing so you read on. These books are often the type you recommend to friends although you have only the basic sketch as to what they are about (such as any pulp fiction novel - you've
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"magazine article...would charge their lives and, ultimately, just about everybody else's". At that time, Gates and Allen contacted MITS to let them know they had a form of the computer language, called Basic, for the Altair 8800. A few months later, the Basic language for the Altair was finished, and they signed a deal with MITS. MITS offered Allen a job and office space for the two of them to work in its headquarters. Gates and Allen referred to themselves as
Micro-Soft at that time. Before long, they would set up Microsoft in its own building in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In 1977, Gates dropped out of Harvard University. Microsoft was released from their contract with MITS and owned its Basic language program outright.
Microsoft also made an agreement with Kuzuhiko Nishi for future software developments in Japan. Two years later Microsoft moved to Seattle, due to the growth of the company.

Microsoft made a deal with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in
1980, regarding a computer language and disk operating system for IBM's new range of personal computers. So, Microsoft signed a deal to have the rights to
Q-DOS, an operating system from Seattle Computer Products. They adapted Q-DOS to work with IBM's new personal computer. A year later, Microsoft


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