How the Internet Changed the Music Industry

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How the Internet Changed the Music Industry
September 11, 2011

Large music labels have made statements since the late 1990s regarding the Internet’s damage to music sales through piracy by showing the decline of CDs sold year over year. However, the music labels themselves did not realize the sales opportunities that could be provided by the Internet and only saw a damaging environment. The same music labels also neglected to take advantage of the Internet as a new venue to find popular music artists. As with all types of modernization, understanding takes time, and the music industry is beginning to come around by offering portions of their libraries for sale through sanctioned distributers like Amazon and iTunes as well as
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The rise of the Internet has made YouTube a popular site for new artists to display their musical prowess as well as current popular artists to exhibit their newest works. The music industry has access to talent across the globe through sites like YouTube where they could interview new prospective artists prior to signing them. With features like viewer count and user comments on YouTube music labels can now also see if the artist is rising in popularity or falling, helping to ensure the label makes the right decision in signing or continuing support for an artist. However, YouTube has a reputation for silly pet videos and video blogs, but YouTube can also turn a local band into an overnight sensation. The band OK Go signed with Capital in 2001, but it was not until posting a YouTube video in 2006 that the band gained any national recognition (Maney, 2006). The band released the album Oh No in 2005, but initial sales for the first year were low. OK Go previously had performed a dance routine for a song from an earlier album as part of the live show experience. However, this time the dance routine was choreographed, filmed, and placed on the Internet, where millions of users had access. The catchy dance routine video helped boost album sales 182% a year after the Oh No album’s initial release. The band has since provided at least one new video for each album. The new videos continue to receive millions of views


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