Does Cellphone Use Cause Cancer

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Nowadays owning a cell phone has become a common commodity but can this seemingly harmless device be the cause of cancer? Cell phones emit radio frequency (RF) energy a type of electromagnetic energy that could be biologically damaging to the body. However some research suggests that the RF energy is a low frequency energy that is incapable of causing detrimental effects to the cells in the body. Some studies do not demonstrate a strong causal relation between RF exposure from cell phones and negative health effects. Through the evaluation of different scientific experiments this paper will explore whether or not cell phone use causes cancer.
There is evidence that suggests that RF energy can cause malignant tumors by affecting the glial
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10 In addition RF energy is not enough energy to destabilize the configurations within DNA molecules. A study published in 2008 reported that no concrete evidence supporting the relationship between energy emitted from a cell phone and the increase in tumors due to structural and functional damage in cells.11 One study tested the effects of RF radiation on the amount of chromosome abnormalities through exposing lymphocytes in human blood cells in vitro to 1.95 GHz and found no significant chromosome abnormalities.12 Another study tested the effects of 835 MHz of radiation similar to that of a mobile phone on DNA stability in vitro and found that it did not degrade the DNA in vitro.13 In summary it has been proven that cell phone use can cause cancer by causing malignant tumors to form in areas that are in close contact of a cell phone. It can also cause detrimental structural damage in the DNA of cells which can lead to formation of cancer. In addition, the radiation emitted from a cell phone can cause stress to the cells in the body which decreases the


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