How Popular Culture Affects Race

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The popular culture particularly visual media affects our opions and attitude towards race and racial minorities group. our assumptions about race and racial minorities are both successeded and reflected in the streotypes presented by the visual media. i strongly believe in the George Gebners scientific examintaiton of televison that how we perceive ourselves and how we view those around us are affected by what we see on television. Visual media has such a heavy impact on us that even though they present a grossly distorted picture of the real world. people tend to accept more readily than reality itslef. the popular culture deals with symbolic realm of social life, the image which it creates, represents
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the cosby show used the above facts about the reality that how popular culture affects race and racial minorites group and how people perceive what they see on televison to represent a black culture, the way they are and the way they should be. the cosby show basically promotes the black culture through the means of humor which is acceptable to everyone in this world. the cosby want to give blacks aspiration about life. the show do influence the life styles of blacks. cosby represent a life style of blacks.cosby always uses humor to do parentings, to make her daughter aware of what she was wearing and even about her boyfriend, to teach the importance of good education to his son . he even becomes firm when he has to . so cosby and his wife emphasized on discipline in raising children. the show depicts the importance of music and dance in their life. it emphasizes on the joy of family eating together in this fast and busy life when families hardly gets a time to sit and eat together. it also show that education and intellegency has nothing to do with the race. in this show we saw how cosby was cheering a white guy to do the operation when he has lost faith in himself. the show also represents the attitude of young black guys who


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