How National Initiatives Promote Anti-Discriminatory Practise

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l Unit 2 P4: Explain how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice.
For p4 I am going to explain how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice. I am going to cover several acts including humans right act 1998, sex discrimination act 1975

Human rights act 1998
The human’s rights act is very useful within the UK because it lays down the law about what rights we have. It also gives us the freedom that we deserve. These rights may affect many things such as the rights to live and the rights to die also the rights we use in everyday life.
The Human Rights are:
• The right to life
• Freedom from torture and degrading treatment
• Freedom from slavery and forced labour
• The right to liberty
• The
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Direct discrimination: this is where persons on terms of their age get treated differently to others, for example, an employer may treat man/women differently because of their age.
Elderly people can be prejudged and disrespected by people.
For example: when I went to a nursing home there was a lady called Mable she was 53. The staff treated her different than the rest of the residents as she was the youngest resident. There were always buying Mable sweets and magazines and not this for the other residents. They all show her that she was there favourite resident. If Mable went for a job in Asda and they said that they couldn’t take her because she was too old. It would be age discrimination as she is over 50years old. This is an example of direct discrimination.
Indirect discrimination, harassment and direct discrimination has been stopped by the age discrimination act and by this they have made it illegal but this doesn’t say that it will not happen because it still could happen.
If someone is trying to get a job as a manager at a big company they may be prejudged due to their age.
For example if a 18 year old girl tried to get this job they may not want her as she may not have enough experience to full a big company. This will not be fair on the young girl as she can be trained to learn this this is an example of indirect discrimination of age. To overcome this they could train her up until she is


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