Hiroshima Book Review

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John Hersey's journalist narrative, Hiroshima focuses on the detonation of the atomic bomb, Little Boy, that dropped on the city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Although over one hundred thousand people died in the dropping of the bomb, there were also several survivors. John Hersey travelled to Hiroshima to listen to the experiences of six survivors. Hersey uses his book to tell the story of six of these survivors (spanning from the morning the bomb fell to forty years later) through a compilation of interviews. Hiroshima demonstrates the vast damage and suffering inflicted on the Japanese that resulted from US deployment of the atomic bomb. And although depressing, humbling, and terrifying, this book was very good, interesting, and …show more content…

Most Americans saw the bombing as a necessary vice and Hersey's intent was to offer another perspective to the American people. It gives you a chance to reflect on America's doings and make conclusions. His theme for the book, the aftermath of the dropping of the atomic bomb, was made very clear in how the entire book talks about the survivors lives after and in relation to the bomb. His thesis is very clear as well, which is that Japan suffered and was damaged as a result of US deployment of the atomic. bomb Don't be deceived by it's short length, because Hiroshima is full of information and perspective of the events during and ensuing the explosion. The authors style in this easy to read book is expository, reportable, and straightforward, but still shows you the deep humanly affects. This style is deduced because Hersey gives a very informative glance at the aftermath of the atomic bomb, not through facts and numbers but through sensory details and stories- while still styling it as a journalistic essay. The book is very to the point. My favorite thing about the book is that it shows the other side of the story; we Americans thought that the bomb was necessary because of the war and our need to end it, but this book shows that we also killed and injured (physically and emotionally) many innocent people of Japan. I would recommend this book to people because it gives you a brand new insight. Overall, the book was good and I'm glad I