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Task B – Your work role
Bi) Describe the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment arrangement.
The terms and conditions of my own contract of employment, and the terms that my manager and I agreed on are written on my contract. These terms and conditions include that I must be honest in all areas of my work, follow the dress code, obey rules and get along with others. In my contract it states that I must be honest, and this includes being honest about any activity that has happened and any information I get told by another parent, carer or colleague. I must also follow the dress code and this is so that I look smart and all the staff looks the same and make a good representation of
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Codes of practise are a set of written rules and boundaries which explains how people working in particular profession should behave. Nursery nurses needs to practise high levels of accountability, confidentiality, trustworthiness, risk management and professional development. A nursery nurse must learn aspects of leadership, parenting and be well equipped in dealing with health problems.
Bix) Identify two different representatives bodies which influence your area of work and describe their role.
1. Skills Active for play work.
2. Ofsted represents the inspection and regulation processes of England's EYFS in nurseries.
Skills active
SkillsActive’s role is to improve the quality and range of play opportunities for children and young people through the professional development of the play work workforce across the UK – providing those with jobs working with children with training and development resources and opportunities.
Play worker jobs with children can be found in a range of settings, including: * Adventure playgrounds * Play centres * After school clubs * Holiday play-schemes * Mobile play-schemes operating from buses and vans.
Play rangers work with children in parks and open spaces and, in some areas, play workers can be found in schools.
We offer a coordinated voice for the ‘working with children’ sector, which is


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