Bio 202

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Study guide for Lecture Exam II Bio 202 (Heart, BV’s and Respiratory system)
1. The pulmonary circuit is supplied by which ‘side” of the heart? The systemic circuit? The right atrium
2. What is the functional difference between desmosomes and gap junctions? Desmosomes prevent adjacent cells from separating during contraction and gap junctions allow ions to pass from cell to cell transmitting current across the entire heart

3. What are the different effects of the PNS and SNS on heart rate? Parasympathetic slows heart rate SNS increases heart rate
4. Atrial hypertrophy would probably have what effect on an electrocardiogram? *spike the p wave

5. What is the function of the papilary muscles? i.e. what do they prevent? pappilary
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Size of veins it is fastest in aorta slowest in capillaries
42. What variable has the most important effect on blood velocity? diameter
43. Where is the vasomotor center located that controls blood vessels throughout the body? In the medulla
44. Hypertension is commonly considered to be a chronic resting blood pressure higher than what? 140
45. List all mechanisms of movement through the capillary wall, i.e. diffusion etc. **

46. The most important force driving filtration at the arterial end of a capillary is what? Blood hydrostatic pressure*

47. The most important force driving reabsorption at the venous end of a capillary is what?blood colloid osmotic pressure
48. Describe factors that can lead to edema. Increased hydrostatic pressure,reduced oncotic pressure, increased blood vessel wall permeability
49. List the factors that contribute to venous return? Respiratory pump, muscular pump,

50. A bee sting can trigger a massive release of histamine, which then leads to what changes in vasomotion and blood pressure? Causes vasodialation and lowers blood pressure
51. Compare the pressure in pulmonary arteries compared to systemic arteries. Pulmonary pressure is lower than systemic pulmonary have less smooth muscle*
52. How many pulmonary arteries empty into the right atrium of the heart? none
53. The upper respiratory tract extends from the ________through the ________. Vestibule to glottis ?nose to larynx



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