Pestle Analysis

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1. Introduction to the assignment and summary of the selected business. This assignment is about the factors that influences the business environment in different ways. This is about environmental analysis which is dynamic process that comprises scanning, monitoring, disseminating and forecasting. There are different factors which influences the business in 21st century. Somehow these factors have impact on the business in favour of the business and sometimes have an adverse impact in the business.
I am taking TESCO plc as a business. I will look the factors which influences the TESCO plc in different ways. TESCO is a grown company and has working in more than 14 countries with over 500,000 employees. This company is
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There are certain legal policies which effect the business environment and the companies have to main their businesses according to these laws. These laws include for example, consumer laws, safety laws and labour laws etc.
Singapore parliament has just pass the Lemon law, by passing of Lemon law will not only benefit for retailer or consumers but boost Singapore retail industry in the long run. Lemon law is all about the sales act. This is the benefit for TESCO to open their business in Singapore because their retail industry will be boosting in long run.
Environmental analysis:
This analysis includes factors that influence or determined by the surrounding environment. This includes tourism, farming, agriculture etc. some more factors need to be considered for example, climate, weather, agriculture effects, environmental effects, geographical location and global changes in climate. According to IMD 2010 word competitiveness year book, declares the Singapore is the finest Asia country to work because of its climate and environment. So this is also benefit for TESCO to run their business in one of the finest country in Asia for the expansion of their business.

If we look at the political impacts in Singapore, is developing and rules and regulation are stable. So they will allow their people to work for TESCO. In Singapore people have money to spend, their living standards are good. Interest rate is low to borrow the money from local financial


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