An Essay on Denial of Service Attack

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In last several years, Daniel of Service attack (DoS)/ Distributed Daniel of Service attack (DDoS) has become one of the most critical threats for internet security, though it’s easily accomplished by the intruders. Even, proven and practicable attacking software are also available on the Internet. To get rid of this attack, first of all we have to know its consequences.

Typically, an internet connection is established using a methodology named ‘THREE WAY HANDSHAKING’. Following this protocol, at first client pc sends request (SYN) for connection establishment and then receiving this request server pc response to it sending an acknowledgement of approval (SYN_ACK) message to the client pc.
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It was written based on TFN tool to be used only on Linux/ Solaris system, but now it is used on any platform by modifying its source code. Scope of describing this attack is limited in this article, as it requires a vast explanation to understand this intrusion.

See, you are in a great danger now! Anyone can destroy your work just in a second, no doubt in that! No worry, accident happens! Let’s try some preventive measures to protect valuable information and to have a flawless communication:

It is not possible to stop communications with all outer world connections. So, first of all, ensure basic traffic filtering. You can control and avoid unexpected foray at a minimum rate by using traffic filtering at your end. Firewall protected networks are much more safe than others.

For ISP providers, it is required to monitor the network closely and review protocols to confirm authenticated communication path. Find solutions to mitigate buffer overloading and other compulsions. Before maneuvering the system, scan the whole network architecture considering all kinds of intrusions. Maintain a solid and well-managed mitigation policy.

Make sure the router is well protected by implementing filters in it. Contact with your ISP provider concerning this to ensure security before doing business through the network. To prohibit unauthorized access implement mechanisms like Network Address Translation (NAT), Access List (ACL) etc. NAT decreases overwhelming amount of


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