Political Causes of World War 1

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The political causes of World War 2 World War 2, famously known as the most devastating war, had causes dating back to WWI as well as,pre . Some people refereed it because of the Treaty of Versailles which most of the people agreed one that it was too unfair for Germany and that their anger was going to appear sooner or later. The people thought it will create fascism. Some historians saw that the failure of The League of Nations was also another factor. The Treaty of Versailles was the origin of all the problems that occurred to ignite the WWII. The treaty of Versailles was originally done to spread peace between countries and cool down the aggression that was spreading all over Europe. The treaty was believed to be an …show more content…
The failure of the appeasement was the second major political cause of this Dramatic world war. Most of the countries were convinced that Germany was treated unfairly. The European powers thought that it was considered too much for a country to be stripped down of all its borders and its army being destroyed eventually and you expect to have to response. They justified their demands to begin rearming once more. While Germany was building up itself again after its total destruction because of the treaty of Versailles, France and Britain on the other side were signing secret treaties. Germany thought of that as new danger approaching and demanded to begin stabilizing their troops in Rhineland. Even if no one accepted his terms, Hitler was going to do what he thought was right. Hitler’s demands were not surprisingly good enough for himself. As Neville chamberlain, the new prime minister of Britain saw how unjustly Germany was treated from the unfair treaty of Versailles, he saw the chance for approving what Hitler needs before he thinks about more. He needed a new treaty or policy that would be approved officially in front of the whole world. A policy that will approve all his demandings in front of the world, so he can have his justification while trying to do up his work like invading other countries. The Munich agreement was the first so called policy to meet up with his orders and


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