Obey or Disobedience

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Obey Or Disobedience
In the story by Fromm, his outlook on obedience and disobedience is that we have the ability to obey but the capacity to disobey is something that society has influenced us to do naturally. Obedience and disobedience has always been part of a never ending cycle that is consistently going round and round. Throughout history it has been evident that soldier’s obey their commander’s, that knights uphold the ruling of their king, and that their disobedience is about the shifting of power. So, too, is our nation being part of that cycle and repeating history. Our nation’s soldiers obey orders given by the President. Whether they are right or wrong it is an order they obeyed countless of times.
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That was his parenting style. As we get older our concepts of our daily doings are deliberately changing. We know what is right and wrong in life, and the consequences of any actions. It is a choice that we have to make on our own there is no crystal ball to look ahead. Knowing what you know in your life is an example for others to follow. Meaning you can teach others by your own mistakes, and if they learn and get your message, you’re passing your learning of obedience’s. In conclusion, we all have different views in the lessons of life. What we choose to do with it is up to that individual. As for me, I have tried to teach my older son, which recently graduated from high school, that life is no picnic. In order to be standout and accomplish your goals you need to be obedient because what you do now reflects later on in life. The teachings and learning are combined in any situation. Just need to view it a way that’s help you


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