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WZT 1 Task 2 WGU
Sally Perez

WZT 1 Task 2 Procedure Until recently it was not uncommon for patients admitted to an acute care facility to have an indwelling catheter anchored for unnecessary reasons. Patients that came in thru the emergency department typically were sent to the units with unnecessary indwelling catheters in place and it was not unusual for a surgery patient to have an indwelling catheter anchored before or during a procedure. Once a patient was admitted and was transported to the units nursing would also anchor indwelling catheters for multiple unnecessary reasons. These Catheters could be
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Some of the symptoms that contribute to the patients discomfort include hematuria, flank pain, fever and in some cases altered mental status. After a patient develops a CAUTI the patient receives the recommended treatment of antibiotic therapy. Antibiotic therapy could last up to 7 days which could result in an increase of stay (Hooton et al., 2010). Evidence supports that when nurse led or informatics led interventions are implemented CAUTI’s were decreased (Bernard, 2012). The interventions that assist in the prevention of CAUTI’s are protocol bundles that include insertion policies, removal policies, maintenance policies and competency training (Carter, 2014). If the proper prevention measures are implemented patient satisfaction scores would improve, infection rates would improve leading to a decrease infection rate and shortening patient’s length of stay.
Recommended Changes If the prevention protocols that are listed above were implemented changes would occur that would lead to multiple benefits for both the acute care facilities and the patients. Extended hospital days due to CAUTI’s has added to approximately 90,000 days per year and due to Medicaid and Medicare no longer paying the associated cost for CAUTI’s the hospitals out of pocket expenses are estimated at approximately 424 million dollars per year (Mori, 2014). The changes that are discussed and supported in this research paper would have a


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