Analysis of the battle of Beersheba

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The Battle of Beersheba was fought on 31 October 1917, when two infantry and two mounted divisions of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF), attacked units of the Yildirim Army Group garrisoning Beersheba. This EEF victory began the offensive, which six weeks later resulted in the capture of Jerusalem, during the Sinai and Palestine campaign of World War I. I think that the Australian soldiers were very effective in winning Beersheba although the charge was born of the desperation of having no water and needing to capture the wells in Beersheba.
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50,000 British troops attacked the Turkish defenses around Beersheba on October 31 1917 they were
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At the end of the battle 500 Turkish soldiers lay dead and 2000 had been taken prisoner, the Australians suffered much lighter casualties with only 31 dead and 36 wounded. As well as 15 of the towns 17 wells had been taken because in the confusion the Turkish engineers had only demolished two of the wells. Over all the battle was a huge victory that was crucial to winning Jerusalem and the war.
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To evaluate the effectiveness of Australian soldiers at Beersheba it must first be recognized that over all the battle was a victory and therefore the Australian soldiers must have done at the very least their duty. But the success at Beersheba was more then that, it was an overwhelming success credited as the last and by some the only great cavalry charge. But was it all the soldiers? The luck of the Turks not changing their machine gun sights could quite probably have been the difference between victory and failure and it was the Commanders that planned the charge. Although whatever the circumstances it toke a heroic amount of courage to charge at the Turks over 5.5km of open ground and the Light horse men were only doing what they were told (whether or not that counts in there favor). As I said before it was a victory and I think the Australian Light Horse was very effective in Beersheba.