Halberstam Essay

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Danilo Capcha
Professor Sande
English 101
November 18, 2014

Halberstam brilliantly enough discusses how CGI, which are out of the norm, are being used to exemplify many ideas such as revolution, capitalism, and transformation. CGI films as explained by Halberstam are movies generated solely by a computer that breaks off from societal norms which can be considered as being queer, different or odd, to Halberstam. Movies that include animating revolt usually incorporate human and non-human struggles in which two groups are then pit against each other to show a theme that would never be shown in adult movies. In the movie, Chicken Run, the chickens are the oppressed people of society while Mr. Tweedy and Mrs. Tweedy are the ones in control.
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Although Woody suffers from many defects, which he can be deemed a failure for, he still never gives up and saves his friend, Buzz.
“To captivate the child audience, an animated film cannot deal only in the realms of success and triumph and perfection.” (Halberstam 271) Halberstam believes that in order for CGI films to reach out to a child audience they must not include success or the element of perfection, instead there has to be failure. While reading this passage one might think to oneself and question all the movies recently seen and revisit them. Are there ideas in these movies that cannot be seen at first glance? Halberstam discusses that failure allows one to escape from the norms of society. Toy Story greatly exemplifies Halberstam’s main question which is can being a failure be considered a good thing. Woody, in the beginning is a rugged toy, compared to Buzz Lightyear, who has been replaced by a more new and normative toy, Buzz. Woody shows that being a failure is a great thing by overcoming many obstacles and in the end gaining the trust of his friends back. The whole CGI movement can also be seen as a failure because they have been rejected by the norm of society and have changed the way movies have been created. CGI technology abandons “standard linear animation techniques” and ultimately creates a successful product. Movies created through CGI are movies that once revisited force the viewer to look at it from a different