Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian Revolution
The Origin
The origin of the Haitian Revolution can ironically be traced to the Revolution that started in their Mother Country France in 1789. In that year, the French people rallied and motivated by the watchwords of Liberty, fraternity and Equality decided to begin the process that would radically change the political and social order of France.
This revolution appealed to the Grand Blancs of San Domingue as the colony was named before the revolution. They decided that it was an opportune time to demand more political power from the newly elected Constituent Assembly in France. The Constituent Assembly denied them their requests.
In an unprecedented move, they called elections in 1790 for a General Assembly and
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He created a central assembly to make laws.
He banned slavery and discrimination based on colour.
He proclaimed himself Governor for life.
Napoleon sent an army led by Le Clerc to defeat Toussaint and Toussaint undertook a "scorched earth" policy against Le Clerc.
He instituted the fermage system. It was a labour system designed to continue the production of the colony's exports crops which had been disrupted due to thewar.
In a bid to encourage this production and export, he decreased the taxes and custom duties.
He made treaties with foreign Governments.
He built roads, schools and other public buildings.
In 1802 while locked in a life long struggle with Le Clerc, peace was negotiated by Cristophe but Toussaint was captured by trickery and taken to France.
In 1803 on the twenty-seventh (27th) day of April, Toussaint died of cold and hunger in Jiora Mountain prison. Jean Francois Dessalines
After the capture of Toussaint, Dessalines took over leadership of the revolution. Dessalines however, did not maintain Toussaint's policy to revive sugar or to militarize labour. On January 1, 1804 Dessalines declared that the colony was independent and was to be called Haiti the Tainos word for mountainous.
He declared himself Emperor of Haiti.

Jean Francois Dessalines From 1804-1806 Dessalines brought a large percentage of Haiti's land under state rule. He tried to revive agriculture and kept daily tallies of the amount of work by labourers and idlers


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