Factors Responsible for the Outbreak of the Haitian Revolution

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Resistance is commonly known as a fight or the opposition of the system of slavery, whereas, revolt is the refusal to obey or confirm to a certain order. One of the main resistance and revolt that occurred in the Caribbean was the Haitian Revolution. This School Based Assessment (SBA) is aimed at identifying the main causes and effects of the Haitian Revolution. Another aim off this school Based Assessment is to seek to find out why most slave protest and rebellions failed to destroy the system of slavery.

Factors that were responsible for the outbreak of the Haitian revolution

Class division was a major factor, which contributed to the outbreak of the Haitian Revolution. In St Domingue, there was segregation among the different
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He became their instigator in their revolt against the white’s colonial authority. Although, the mulattoes consisted of 25,000 individuals, the revolt was unsuccessful because the white easily put down their forces.
In addition to this, in May 1791, the National Assembly in Paris passed a decree, which stated that persons born of free parents, regardless of power should have equal rights. Nevertheless, the National Assembly in Haiti said that their assembly must ratified the laws, therefore they ignored the decree. The mulattoes disliked this because, most of their mothers were slave women, consequently only 400 mulattoes benefited from such a decree. This caused them to rebel a second time. This time the blacks were included and they were under the leadership of Boukman. Unfortunately, the revolt was unsuccessful because the whites allowed the mulattoes into the assembly because they were not strong in numbers. However, they disqualified them later from the assembly and the mulattoes revolted again to terminate the whites.
Finally, the inadequate living conditions and the ill treatment of slaves was a major facet for the outbreak of the Haitian Revolution. There were approximately 450,000 slaves on the plantations, as a result there was inadequate housing and medical facilities for all the slaves. Therefore, the appalling and atrocious conditions that they were living


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