Department Store Marketing Comparison

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1. I have chosen to discuss and compare the department store industry. I have chosen this industry because I live in Southern California where the retail sector is a major part of business. Shopping malls are prevalent everywhere. I have seen and experienced all the differences among class and status. With a wide variety of demographics in Southern California, there are a number of shops and stores to choose from. Department stores range from discount warehouses such as Wal-Mart, mid-range stores such as JC Penney, and high-end stores like Nordstrom. I am going to discuss the department store industry specifically for Wal-Mart, JC Penny, and Nordstrom. Coming from a middle-class family, I have experienced shops at all ends of the …show more content…

Said T-shirt would now be marked $4, to clear out seasonal colors and bring in new merchandise. Basically, JC Penney focuses on “sale” items. They use sales to manipulate prices. A “sale” is really what price the marketer decides to sell an item for to continue making a profit. These sales are based upon how well certain items sell and their perceived “market values.”

Promotion: JC Penney focuses its advertisements around the four seasons and its holidays. For example, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc are when JC Penney promotes its items through television and print advertisements. JC Penney is also making a push towards “smart advertising.” Their promotions now appear in digital magazines, websites, mobile phone apps, etc.

Place: JC Penney has more than 1,100 locations across the United States. Many of these locations are at large shopping malls where people go to buy clothes. There is easy access to JC Penney’s product. In addition to the stores, most of JC Penney’s clothing can be purchased from the official website. This gives customers two ways to purchase items on sale at JCP.

Wal- Mart: Product: Wal-Mart markets itself as a store where one can walk in and literally purchase anything they need. They offer clothes, sporting goods, food, jewelry, electronics, patio furniture, toys, home improvement, music and movies, automobile parts, etc. The idea is for Wal-Mart to be a one-stop shop for anything a


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