Group Proposal Project

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Group proposal project:
Support group for alcoholic young adults
Ashley Lanier
Liberty University

Introduction and Rationale
Type of group The group is a group for young adults struggling with addictions to alcohol. The location of this group will be near Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC. With a major portion of the population being military it is obvious after looking at statistics that individuals who are in the military are at a higher risk to abuse alcohol and the majority of them are young adults.
Reason and need for group
A report done in January of 2012 found that 43 % of active duty soldiers had a history of binge drinking a month before. Among these soldiers 67 % of them were between 17 and 25 years old (Hlad,
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The leader can show the members how to look at their feelings and apply the ABC model (Gladding, 2008). It is important that they understand what causes their feelings. The group leader would be able to explain the ABC’s best by providing a diagram to the members. When the leader goes over the feelings with the members they can try to pinpoint where the feelings come from. According to Jacobs et al. 1988, members can follow the ABC on a whiteboard and use creative techniques.
One technique mentioned in the text by Jacob et al. 1988, discussed using two chairs and creating dialogue between irrational self-talk and rational self-talk. By going over their irrational self-talk and looking at a handout about REBT the member will be able to understand REBT and apply it to their feelings. The members can also go over a list of irrational ideas and circle the irrational ideas that describe them (Gladding, 2008).
Goals and learning REBT
When using REBT, the members should be taught that they are just fallible humans that change in response to their thoughts and experiences. Once they understand this they will have a better idea of why they feel the way they do. Teaching the members of the group that they should not turn their wishes into demands is also very important to the group process. This would be in regard to using should, ought, and must in correlation to an action (Gladding, 2008). With REBT there is little focus


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