Genogram Family Analysis

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Genogram Family Analysis II
How you ever feel that we, as sons or daughter tend to repeat our parent mistakes? I have always asked myself why and I still have not have the right answer. For example my mother grew up in a very strict environment when she was a child, with my grandmother and my great grandmother coming from a Japanese Culture; my mother grew up to be a very quiet and reserve young adult. She is really kind, strict, helpful and with a very big heart. Although we had our differences when I was growing up, we get along pretty well. One of the things that stand out from her, it is her stubborn personality. Although she is a really good listener, I always feel that it has to be her way. I believe she is more like her way or the
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Now as a young adult my relationship with him tends to be pretty distant, I guess I still pretty mad at him for not stick around me when I was a child.
I guess like personality wise I am a lot like my father. I like to spend time outdoors; I am more outgoing than my brother, like to joke around and like to make other people laugh. I am pretty easy going and really adventurous. I love doing things with my hands and fixing things around my house. It is really curious, but in my family my father is the one who always cook the meals at the house, well now. I think I am more like him, because I like to cook too and enjoy it. One of the similarities between my father and I is that if we get mad at somebody, we could only stay mad at that person for a very small period of time, like hours probably and then, we are ok. One of the things that I always have admired my father is that he does not get mad easily. He is always happy and always try to find the way to make things work. For example if there is a problem, he always finds a solution for it. His saying is “don’t stress out everything has a solution; the only thing that does not have a solution is death”. So it kind of makes sense, not to be stress out.
My parents have a really weird relationship. I always tend to think that the only reason why they still together has to be with culture and us. My mother married my father, because she felt that was the right thing


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