Family Subsystem Genograms Paper

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Buckman Family Subsystem Genogram

Gil, Karen, Kevin, Taylor and Justin Buckman analysis The family chose is Gil, Karen, and their children Kevin, Taylor, and Justin they are a pretty normal down to earth family, with minor issues. The main issue is Gil and his neuroticism; he seems to have obsessive compulsive disorder, because what is happening is that it is affecting their oldest child Kevin the most, the other two are affected but not to the extent that Kevin is being affected. Karen is the more go with the flow parent; she is more laid back and takes one day at a time with her children. She and Gil see their son Kevin is having issues and want to help him but they do not know how to. Gil tries
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Family is important is another message relayed in this movie as well. Each member of the family shows great pleasure in caring for their children and their well-being. From what has been shared by Gil, Karen and Kevin they are a family who is trying to figure out where each individual fits in. Their oldest son Kevin seems to have behavioral issues that both Gil and Karen are not really sure how to deal with. Their other two children do not really have the same issues as Kevin does when it comes to school and fitting in some where. They are working to fit each member into their system so that each member can grow as an individual. Gil and Karen are trying really hard to work together in child-rearing, finances and the housekeeping. They are also trying to figure out what role their extended family plays in their own family system with their three children. At this point Gil has figure out how to balance work and family equally, but he worries about everything and thinks too much about the mistakes he is making in parenting with his children. He is trying to help his son Kevin but is having a hard time along with his wife trying to figure out how to help Kevin. The family is also learning how to rearrange relationships with society and larger social systems in order to include our new family structure and relationships. Gil and Karen are trying to balance the family and keeping work


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