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The Fine Wine Rack Company
Welcome to the wine cellar business. As Production Manager of the Fine Wine Rack Co., you supervise a small factory which builds custom bottle storage systems. These storage systems, or
"wine racks", have been installed through out the country. Your typical customer is a private wine collector, usually wealthy, who is either building or remodeling a wine cellar to store his or her own collection. Ben Parker, the owner of the Fine Wine Rack Co., closes each deal personally and turns the order over to you to build. The order then becomes a "job" released into your factory, and is usually referred to by the name of the customer for whom it is being built. Ben promises that the job will be
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As production manager, you do your best!

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Scheduling Requirements at the Fine Wine Rack
As Production Manager, you must complete a weekly activity schedule for each of your four employees to follow. Essentially, you’ll be completing the form on pages 7 and 8, and then entering those numbers into a matching web form.
As described previously, somebody makes parts, parts become racks, racks and trim get inspected and turn into cellars, and cellars get packed. When figuring out exactly who is doing what, there are two issues that you must be aware of:
1. Is the employee qualified to do the activity assigned?
2. Does the employee have available what the employee needs to complete one hour's worth of the activity assigned?
If you make a mistake… Suppose an employee is assigned an activity that he or she is not qualified to complete. Instead of completing that activity, the employee will be IDLE for that time. As soon as you assign something the employee can do, the employee will begin working again.
Should you assign a qualified employee a particular activity during a particular hour, but there aren't enough materials available at the beginning of the hour to complete an entire hour's worth of that activity. The employee will instead be IDLE for the entire hour. In addition, the employee will continue to attempt that activity the


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