People and Organisations

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Table of Contents
1 Introduction

2 The Current Problems Facing AWF

3 Analysis of Motivational Differences within the Organisation

4 Discussing Different Motivational Theories & How they affect the groups within AWF

5 Future Motivational Strategies

6 Conclusion

7 Bibliography/esources

8 Appendices

2. Introduction:

What Is Motivation?
Motivation comes in many different forms and can affect people very differently. I found this to be the clearest definition of motivation:

“Motivation is a psychological process and it
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External reinforces, for instance, are usually a form of control and a way of the company ensuring it keeps down staff turnover.

Intrinsic Motivation
Internal Rewards Enjoyment, Achievement & Sense of competence.
Internal Reinforces Should, Musts, Ought To’s, Guilty conscience & shame.
Internal rewards are associated with high academic or occupational achievement. People are usually more motivated by internal factors or social issues.

* Job Design
The `Job Design Wheel` has been designed as a useful tool to ensure every element is considered when designing the specification for a job. This is very relevant to AWF as every position will need to be recreated and job specifications will be redesigned. * This will enable the company to


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