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Take a Stand Essay

Tarik El-Ali University Success 103 September 24, 2011 Monte McKay

Take a Stand on Bullying
Bullying is a form of verbal and physical abuse that needs to stop. It takes place every day all over the world. It represents the attacking of someone that is stronger mentally, emotionally and physically attacking someone that is weaker in all of these fields. Bullying has long term effects on its victims such as mental and emotional stress that can carry on into the future. Bullying has been around for a while now. “Bullying is so long established in our society and schools that is often ignored and considered as “part of normal behavior during growing up”(Dracic, S. 2009).
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Teachers are the core of bully prevention. Teachers must provide instruction and anti-bullying programs to discourage bullying and inform students of the consequences resulting from it. I believe that if we push teachers to lean more on anti-bullying programs, bullying will decrease in and around schools. The more we bring kids up to know that bullying is bad we shall see a decrease in the amount of bullying.

In conclusion, bullying has a mass effect on people all around the world. Whether it be high drug and alcohol abuse due to bullying, cyber-bullying happening over the net, or educating teachers and kids about the effects that bullying has on individuals. It seems that bullying doesn’t give anything positive back to the community as a whole or to the world. I believe that the only way we can eliminate bullying is to come together globally and take a stand against bullying. We need to work together and stand up against violence verbally and physically. I have been a victim of bullying and that is why I chose to take a stand on this topic. I believe it is important for all people to know what the affects of bullying can do to people. Let us all take a stand and come together.

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