The Universe Next Door

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Purpose of book

1. outline basic worldviews underlying way we in west think about selves.

2. trace historically how worldviews have developed from breakdown in theistic worldview, moving in turn into deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, eastern mysticism, new consciousness of New age and Islam recent infusion from Middle East.

3. show how postmodernism puts a twist on worldviews

4. encourage us all to think in terms of worldviews with consciousness of not only our own way of thought but also that of other people, so we can first understand and genuinely communicate with others in pluralistic society.

Chapter 1

Worldview or vision of life is framework or set of fundamental beliefs thru which we view world and our
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1. Autonomous human reason replaced Bible and tradition as authority for way reality was understood.

2. Autonomous human reason replaced bib and tradition as authority for morality.

3. Deists rejected biblical notion of Fall and think universe is a s it should be.

4. Universe cannot be reordered, human action is determined.

5. Today find more aspects of deism to question.

Chapter 4 Naturalism

Deism (God is reduced) connects theism (God exalted) and naturalism (no God at all).


1. WV ? 1 Prime reality is matter. Matter exists eternally and is all there is. Cosmos rules. God does not exist. Nothing comes from nothing. Something always was and was matter of cosmos itself.

2. Wv ? 2 cosmos exists as a uniformity of cause and effect in a closed system.

3. Wv ? 3 human beings are complex machines personality is an interrelation of chemical and physical properties we do not yet fully understand.

4. Wv ? 4 death is extinction of personality and individuality.

5. Wv ? 5 thru our innate and autonomous human reason, including the methods of science, we can know the universe. The cosmos, including this world is understood to be in its normal state.

6. WV ? 6 ethics is related only to human beings. Theist God foundation of values. Naturalist human beings foundation of values. For ethics to matter has to be personality along with


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